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June 24, 2024

How to Play Vex 7

Survive the maze of death

Like all the Vex platformers, you will be repeatedly slashed, splatted, and decapitated by various contraptions. This demoralization is a rite of passage for newbies to the Vex series, but eventually, you’ll figure out how to master the controls, timing, and technique required to be a Vex master.

Use your skills for extra rewards

There are rewards to earn for meeting certain conditions on each level. These conditions include not dying once (good luck), collecting a specified quantity of gold coins, and other assignments. There are various achievements to acquire, which you’ll find in the trophies section.

Test your intuition in the tower

You can enter the tower at any time, a continuous bonus stage that delivers tower coins, and changes each time you enter. There are unique achievements in your trophy cabinet for tower milestones.

Earn daily bonuses for your loyalty

Come back for more rewards! Vex 7 has daily tasks for its loyal fanbase, each delivering a handsome reward for your continued commitment to dying repeatedly.

Upgrade your Vex guy

You can use your precious Vex coins and bonus stars to buy funky new skins for your Vex character. There are various fabulous costumes of differing rarity to unlock in the skins shop.

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Vex 7 Tips

  • Use parachutes, grappling hooks, TNT, and elixir to fly for longer distances
  • When asked “Are you okay?” answer “no” for brief invincibility
  • Master the controls – succeeding in Vex is all about the finer details
  • If you’re getting frustrated – slow down and take a deep breath!

Release Date

October 2022


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

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