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June 25, 2024


Stickman Boost 2 is the second version with many new features. Guide a stickman to dodge many deadly traps and try to reach the finish platform.

In this game, you will transform into a stickman who gets lost in a maze. This maze is full of dangerous obstacles and traps such as spikes, spinning fans, buzzsaws, bouncing shuriken guns, alien robots, buzzsaw maces and so on. Especially, the unsteady platforms will start to drop as soon as you step on them. If you unexpectedly are in contact with the obstacles or fall off the platforms, you will die and return to the last checkpoint or the starting point. Therefore, you should watch out for them and be careful. Control a stickman to slide down or jump to evade these obstacles at all costs. Besides, you must follow the arrow symbols on the platforms to make sure that you don’t get lost. Do your best to reach the finish platform in the shortest time.

In addition to avoiding obstacles, collecting the coins is your important mission. You can see many gold coins which are scattered along the way. Try to collect enough 50 coins in each level.

Play this game now to join an exciting adventure in the mysterious maze with a stickman. Attempt to win all stages and start to rock with stickman.

How to control

Press the Left or Right Arrow Keys to move left or right

Press an Up Arrow Key to jump

Press a Down Arrow key to slide down.

New features of Stickman Boost 2

More stages

This game is the second instalment of Stickman Boost, so it has added more stages. Specifically, in this game, you have to complete not only 10 challenge stages but also two bonus stages. In these bonus stages, you have to overcome more dangerous obstacles. All positions of these obstacles are tricky. However, if you can accomplish 10 stages of the game easily, I believe that beating these bonus levels is a piece of cake.

More saving options

In this new version, you are offered two saving options which are Local Save and Online Save. If you choose Local Save, your progress will be saved locally on your computer. If you change the device to play, you will have to start from stage 1. In contrast, if you choose Online Save, you have to log in to play and your progress will be saved forever online. Moreover, the “Online Save” will provide you with awesome extra stages and a cool ninja plume. Therefore, I recommend you log in to play this game.

Leaderboard and Achievement

This platform game features 16 achievements that you are expected to complete. Each achievement has a distinct mission. Do your best to finish all missions to get all achievements in this game. Additionally, there are daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards in this game. They show the names and scores of top players. You must reach the finish platform in the shortest time and win all levels in order to get a high rank on these leaderboards.


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