Retro Bowl – Sipra games
June 25, 2024

Retro Bowl is the ultimate American football game online featuring old-school graphics and addicting gameplay. It is a combination of a manager simulator and a classic football match game. Start your first season as a head coach of a pro football team and lead them to glory! Manage the roster, play matches, upgrade facilities and make sure everything goes smoothly. Keep an eye on attributes of players and make sure their morale and condition stays high. Poor morale can lead to game penalties and problems off the field, low condition can lead to injuries or fumbles! Once you start a match, you can control the players with mouse and keyboard. Click and drag in the opposite direction of the running receiver to aim, then release to throw the ball. Use your W,S keys to dodge while running. To kick the ball, watch the power meter and click whenever you think it’s the perfect time to launch the ball. Can you win the Super Bowl?

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