ovo 3 dimensions – Sipra games
June 25, 2024

OvO Dimension is an arcade platform game made by Dedra Games. You control a stickman character that has simple and basic actions. Jump, Walljump and slide your way through the levels ! If you want to really master the game, use the action combinations to get extra power ! Jump right after a slide or a ground pounce ! There are tons of levels in OvO Dimension. Will you be able to jump your way through all levels ?

How to play OvO Dimension?

Controls will be displayed inside the game.

Arrow Keys to move around

Who created OvO Dimension?

OvO Dimension was created by Dedra Games, a game development studio based in France. This is their first game on Poki!

Can I play OvO Dimension for free?

OvO Dimension is free to play on Poki.

Can I play OvO Dimension on mobile and desktop?

OvO Dimension is playable on both your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

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