Run 3 – Sipra games
June 25, 2024

In Run 3, the game is set in the universe and you are an astronaut exploring the universe. The game has unique 3D graphics with a cartoon style.
When you start, you enter a space tunnel with floating structures. Your task is to cleverly move on these structures, avoiding falling out into space. Initially, the game may seem easy but as you keep running, the challenge increases. You need a solid response to keep the character from crashing. Remember that in this game, some physics knowledge can’t be applied. For example, if you bump into the walls, the screen will rotate or you can change directions while jumping high… But you can rest assured that will become familiar as you experience it. Your jumps need to be perfectly timed and impeccably accurate. Even the tiniest mistake can make the stage exponentially difficult. The further you go the more difficulty it gets. You need to train your reflexes to make the jump at the right time and with the right amount of power.
As you race through the challenging tracks you may even find a new venue to explore another side of the campaign map. As you level up, you can unlock even more cool morphed characters, like the astronaut’s suits.
The game has different challenge levels for you to choose from, including exploring mode and infinite mode. The explore mode lets you progress through the levels whilst the Infinite mode simply lets you test your skills with the arrow keys in an endless version.
Do you like games with lots of action and fun? Try this Run 3! Running and jumping like there’s no tomorrow. Can you make it home without getting lost in the depths of space? Get ready to show all of your skills and beat the highest score! Play the game run 3 online and move along any wall to find the safest route and find out how long you can survive! Have fun!

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